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Store Partner
(Singapore-based only)

Run your own eCommerce store. 

Commitment: Full Time // Must be based in Singapore. 

Work style: Remote working 

Industry: Ecommerce Dropshipping

Compensation: Profit-Sharing + Fixed Allowance

Having generated over 20 Million USD in lifetime revenue in just 3 years, we are looking for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit to run our stores. Now you must be thinking, “How can I be a boss if I am running your store?” Well, it's simple- we become store partners.


Here is what we can offer you that other eCommerce companies can’t:

  • Our proven strategies and systems

  • Mentorship

    • Under the wing of our successful eCommerce founder, Aloysius Chay, you will gain vital mental models that will guide you in running your store 

  • Provide you with a team

    • Your time will be spent strategizing on making your store profitable

Skills that you need:

  • Product validation

  • Video formulas/strategy

  • Ads optimization/strategy on various social media platforms

  • Critical thinking and soft skills needed to keep up with the ever-changing e-commerce trends.

What we have mentioned is just one half of the equation for a profitable store. The other half is a competent hustler who directs the whole operation. This role is only meant for those who are hungry for success, possess a do-or-die attitude and have high execution output. 

The reason why we are looking for Store Partners is this- we have existing proven infrastructures and strategies for new stores to be profitable, with at least USD100,000 revenue, within the first month. We have already maxed out our working capacity, so the next thing to do is to duplicate these proven systems. The key element we are missing are competent A-Players to run these systems.

Come chat with us if you like to be in a growth-orientated environment with people who simply love the game of eCommerce and the dollars. Beat the game with us.


Individuals with education/experience in business are preferred

(Business undergrads/graduates or experience in starting your own business)  

Get in touch with us with the form below.

I want this job.
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