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Influencer Relations Officer

Bay & Chay is a global remote e-commerce group that promotes innovative products and create global brands. 

We are looking for a an outgoing individual to join our team as an Influencer Relations Officer for one of our new brands- HydraGun™.



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HydraGun™ is a startup with a fast-paced, dynamic remote culture. Every person on the team has a huge impact on making this brand a success. Join our small but high impact team of creative and analytical minds, people who are extremely passionate about fitness and the vision of the brand. At this stage of our business, only applicants with an unwavering work ethic, excitement, and dedication will be able to thrive.


Sounds like you? Awesome, then we can look forward to achieving great things together. If this isn't you, then you will be more successful somewhere else. We don't mean to be harsh, it's the truth. We are here with one job only- to make HydraGun™ a successful brand.

HydraGun™ aims to help people become better humans through enhanced recovery- stronger, healthier and happier.

Our mission is to be the world's most trusted solution for sports recovery

We have created the perfect tool which allows one to combat physiological barriers- the MASSAGE GUN. Our massage gun helps individuals unleash maximum physical and psychological potential and achieve peak athletic performance.  Help us grow and lead our HydraGun™ team in establishing HydraGun™ as a reputable and profitable sports recovery brand in Singapore and the USA. 

90% of our team works remotely. We are based in Singapore and you will be mostly be managing and working with teammates from around the globe.

About the job

Contract: Full Time

Industry: Sports and Fitness

We are looking for an outgoing Influencer Relations Officer to join our digital marketing team. You will be responsible for managing the end-to-end operations of HydraGun™'s influencer marketing campaigns. 


If you are passionate in building a team of influencer partners, managing communications, and coordinating with a vision-driven and results-oriented team to maximize influencer marketing campaigns, then you are the one we want.


You’ll get a chance to be part of a dynamic and innovative team, in a fast-paced and increasingly sought after industry of e-commerce, and sports and fitness.


  • Campaign management which includes creating proposals and campaigns with KPIs to measure the campaign’s success.

  • Relationship building with possible brand influencers for future collaborations. 

  • Influencer Communications which includes providing thorough information about specific campaigns and support for their creative online content.

  • Ensures efficient collaboration with team members in support of the brand’s initiatives.

  • Conducts market research and trend analysis in keeping abreast of the latest trends on social media and within the influencer community.

We are looking for someone with: 

  • A working knowledge of all the top social media platforms, as well as any advertising options thereof

  • Strong people skills, especially mediation and negotiation

  • Excellent communication skills

  • A strong desire to build relationships for the brand

  • Knowledge of content marketing and social media marketing strategies

  • The ability to build relationships between the brand and influencers

​Perks at Work:

  • Remote

  • Culture of trust, empowerment and constructive feedback

  • Competitive pay

  • Mentoring and personal development opportunities and an international team of experts

HydraGun™ is a startup with a fast-paced, dynamic remote culture and every role has a huge impact on developing the business. You will be joining a high impact small team of creative thinkers, who are extremely passionate about the brand and are working together to take it to the next level. At this stage of our business, only applicants with an unwavering work ethic, excitement, and dedication will be able to thrive - if you’re not passionate about sports and fitness this position is not for you.

I want this job.




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